Drunk on Sunshine

Like Christmas, I think appreciate summers in Iowa more because they come but once a year.

Let them eat cake!

I recently celebrated my birthday. It was so joyful I don’t ever want to forget it: a cloud-free sunshine day, a bike ride by the river with my mom, a diet Coke cake with Cool Whip shared with my dad, and seeing a funny movie at the theater with my husband, a trip to the bookstore and a slice of pizza at the mall. Add the love and cuddles from my dog, I’ve never felt so content.

Spring showers bring Summer flowers

The official first day of summer has arrived on the calendar and I’ve finally been able to come out of hibernation to enjoy all the activities that the warmer weather allows. Where I live we do not have four seasons. We actually have three: 1) the it’s freezing cold-I can’t feel my fingers-why do I live here in the winter season 2) the middle season when the forecast calls for a mixture of snow, rain, wind, mild and blistering hot days in the next 10 days so dress accordingly and 3) the it is summer so cram in as many events and activities as possible because there are only three months before everyone returns to their caves.

Trestle Trail in Madrid Iowa

Tis the season to smell the roses that are blooming! Enjoy the small gifts God has given us like purple wild flowers in the ditch along the highway, smiles from strangers, and the taste of a full-strength Coca-Cola after trying unsuccessfully to quit drinking them. It’s time to get drunk, not on beer or wine, on sunshine! ☀️

About Stephanie

I am old enough to know better and still too young to care. I like to look at the world through rose-colored glasses. I believe in eating cake, buying shoes, and taking trips.
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